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Crane Arm

Digger, plant 
hire and groundwork services 

Find out more about the plant machinery we have for personal hire in Flintshire. From Mini Diggers to Dumpers, we have the machinery to assist you with exterior work.


Top quality Small Plant to hire in Flintshire & surrounding areas available to the public & trades for self drive or with a trained operator.

Perfect for builders, landscaping or anyone wanting to carry out construction work on your property.

The team at guy plant hire also offer quality groundworks services to assist you with any project & extermal works you may require.

Micro Digger

Micro Diggers are perfect for those areas which are a bit more tricky to access. Our Micro Digger can fit through gateways and doorways where the access is tight, essentially, most places where a person can fit through. 

Despite their size, these machines still have similar digging power to the Mini Digger and can move materials quickly and efficiently.

To hire our Micro Digger, get in touch with the team at Guy Plant Hire today for a free quotation. 

mini digger

Slightly larger than the Micro Digger, the Mini digger is perfect for completing exterior work around the property such as driveways. 

The Mini Digger is great for moving and digging out materials where space is relatively limited. 

The Mini Diggers compact design makes this an ideal piece of machinery for any exterior work.

To find out more about our Mini Digger, get in touch with Guy Plant Hire.


Excavators are an ideal machine if you need to move a large amount of earth. The excavators feature a bucket, rotating cab, tracks and arm to provide efficient digging power.

They are great at digging and transporting heavy and bulky materials. An excavator is often considered a staple piece of machinery when conducting heavy-duty construction work. 

To find out more about our excavators, contact Guy Plant Hire today.

Selection of diggers
Dumper Truck

dumpers & Tracked Dumpers

At Guy Plant Hire, we offer the option to hire our Dumpers which are great at transporting materials to and from site.


As well as this, we also have a range of slightly smaller Tracked Dumpers. Our Tracked Dumper can assist you by transporting heavy and bulky material in and out of tight spaces. This machine can operate in all weathers and move across difficult terrain. 

To hire a Dumper or a Tracked Dumper, get in touch with the team at Guy Plant Hire today.



Here at Guy Plant Hire, we also offer a top quality groundwork service covering all aspects of groundwork. From fencing, drainage, driveways and concreting, you can trust the team at Guy Plant Hire to provide you with a professional groundwork service. 

To find out more about the groundwork services we offer in and around Flintshire, get in touch with Guy Plant Hire today for a free quote.

Garden Fence
Ground Work

hire quality machinery from GUY PLANT HIRE TODAY

Based in Flintshire, contact the team at Guy Plant Hire today to find out more about our plant hire and groundwork services.

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